Carolina Community Actions, Inc

Community Services Block Grant (CSBG)

There are four programs that fall under CSBG; they are Case Management, General Emergency Assistance Program (GEAP), Youth Leadership Program (YLP), and Youth Leadership Employment Program.

Case Management - The program is designed to assist socio-economically challenged adults in becoming self-sufficient thereby improving their quality of life.  If individuals have a desire, willingness and commitment to improving their current situation, several opportunities are available.  This program provides a support mechanism that help individuals to obtain education beyond high school or prepare individuals to become marketable in the work place. 

Assistance may be available according to needs:

  • Tuition
  • Childcare
  • Books and Supplies
  • Medical

General Emergency Assistance Program (GEAP) - This program helps meet the emergency needs of eligible families.  The program provides rental assistance up to a maximum of $1,000 to individuals facing immediate evictions.  In order to receive rental assistance, the applicant must be able to show documented proof (example check stubs) of sustainability, which is the ability to maintain the rental payments with the assistance of the agency. 

Youth Leadership Program (YLP) - Through a partnership with the Youth Learning Institute, this program is designed to provide income-eligible students between the ages of 10-14 with educational opportunities focusing on academic, behavior and social interaction.  Students who complete the program will be able to describe how good character will aid them in the meeting their goals and building healthy relationships.  Students will be able to demonstrate critical thinking skills, decision making and problem solving skills.

Youth Leadership Employment Program - Economic disparities have caused a decline in employment opportunities and lack of job skills for low-income youth.  Through Youth Leadership Employment the participants (ages16-18) learned independence, responsibility and how to make right decisions.  

To see if you meet the income requirement, find your family size on the chart.  If you make less than the dollar amount listed, you meet the income requirement.

Family Size 125% Monthly Poverty Guideline 125% Annual Poverty Guideline
1 $1,329.17 $15,950.00
2 $1,795.83 $21,550.00
3 $2,262.50 $27,150.00
4 $2,729.17 $32,750.00
5 $3,195.83 $38,350.00
6 $3,662.50 $43,950.00
7 $4,129.17 $49,550.00
8 $4,595.83 $55,150.00
For each additional person, add $466.67 $5,600.00

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